CoLoRe: fast cosmological realisations over large volumes with multiple tracers

Visual description of the multi-tracer products that can be simulated with CoLoRe. The upper plot shows one of the beams used internally by CoLoRe for domain decomposition, with the redshift and angular coordinates of 3 different DESI samples, and maps of the density, radial velocity, and lensing shear constructed from sources at two different redshifts. The lower plot shows the density skewers calculated for three arbitrary DESI quasars contained in the same beam, as a function of comoving distance.


We present CoLoRe, a public software package to efficiently generate synthetic realisations of multiple cosmological surveys. CoLoRe can simulate the growth of structure with different degrees of accuracy, with the current implementation supporting lognormal fields, first, and second order Lagrangian perturbation theory. CoLoRe simulates the density field on an all-sky light-cone up to a desired maximum redshift, and uses it to generate multiple 2D and 3D maps: galaxy positions and velocities, lensing (shear, magnification, convergence), integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect, line intensity mapping, and line of sight skewers for simulations of the Lyman-α forest. We test the accuracy of the simulated maps against analytical theoretical predictions, and showcase its performance with a multi-survey simulation including DESI galaxies and quasars, LSST galaxies and lensing, and SKA intensity mapping and radio galaxies. We expect CoLoRe to be particularly useful in studies aiming to characterise the impact of systematics in multi-experiment analyses, quantify the covariance between different datasets, and test cross-correlation pipelines for near-future surveys.

Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics